Queens of the Underworld provides community for women identifying and femme sex workers that serves as a resource for learning coping-skills and self-care. As a sex worker founded and led business, we understand the unique challenges of the industry and provide a nonjudgmental, non-denominational space to find understanding, compassion,and healing from toxic work environments and associated trauma. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere where people can connect with resources, to continue learning self-love and awareness through classes, mentorship, and peer support.

Our mission, collectively as Queens, is to shed light into the lucrative, often-times labeled "taboo", world of the sex industry. We want to provide a glimpse into the lives of female sex workers, the "Queens of the Underworld", showcasing that every woman has a story and nothing is ever quite as it seems


"I founded this project in November 2016 as I was sitting in the dressing room of the club I used to strip at. The questions of why and how did I get here were weighing heavily on me for some time so I decided to find out. I started with a survey; as they were handed back to me, I discovered that we had a myriad of common denominators. Molestation, neglectful parents, low self worth, seeking validation through others, etc. - but not all. I want to show the duality of the industry; for some it's empowerment, for others it has been a downward spiral of too much pressure and toxicity. I'm working with some girls who have been trafficked by their mother or boyfriends to those who have consciously made the decision to explore the freedom that working brings. I'm excited to put faces to the stories and to exhibit real experiences as told by my Queens."

-Romina Jordan




A total of over 800 hours of in person training including:

Portraits of Purpose
Co-facilitated a week long, values based/meditation workshop
Hired by and worked alongside Camilo cruz Director of Justice Initiative at Los Angeles City Hall
Held at Century Regional detention Center, Los Angeles 2015
Breathwork Level 1 Certification
A two step Pranayama practice
Jon Paul Crimini
Encino, CA 2016
Meditation Teacher Certification
Santa Monica, CA 2017
Kriya Yoga Certification
Santa Monica, CA 2017
Family Assistance Program
I taught DMH at a sex trafficking awareness certification course. 
Victorville, CA 2018
CSEC 101 Certification
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Awareness & Identification
Nola Brantley
Norwalk, 2018
Yoga for Healing Trauma Ceritification
Jill-Weiss Ippolito 
Wilmington, 2018
Treasures Outreach Training (Trauma informed) 
Los Angeles, CA 2018
DASH Radio
Hollywood, CA 2018
Playboy Online
Queens of the Underworld: Sex workers meditate too
written by Shawna Kenney
January 2018
Skid Row Safari
An ongoing project showcasing survival sex workers with renowned Author and Photographer Scot Sothern
DTLA, CA 2017-present
Featuring Lydia Dupra, The Heaux Mentor
Special guest
San Fernando Valley, CA 2018
Women's Unity Day, Founded by Natasha Hoffa
Guest Speaker
Hollywood, CA 2018
The Art of the Act
Performance Showcase
Facilitated a guided meditation 
Hollywood, CA 2018
Bi-monthly Outreach on Skid Row for 
Survival sex workers
Peer Counselor
Mindfulness Facilitator


                    Romina Rosales